Urban Health Project Alumni

2013 Alumni

Urban Health Project 2013 Alumni
Urban Health Project 2013 Alumni
  • Anna Scott, Co-director
  • Samantha Wu, Co-director
  • Erin Armao, UC OB/GYN
  • Matthew Ball, Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio
  • Katie Baughman, Lighthouse New Beginnings
  • Marja Brolinson, Project Connect
  • Karen Chao, First Step Home
  • Sue Collins, CHECK Foster Care Clinic
  • Codie-Anne Crew, Off the Streets
  • Amy Dutko, Crossroad Pediatrics West
  • Zach Graham, Crossroad Downton
  • Natalie Hood, Tender Mercies
  • Jeremy Kearns, Lighthouse Youth Development Center
  • Nadia Khan, Bethesda North OB/GYN
  • Zeyd Khan, Lighthouse Youth Crisis Center
  • Christopher Kovaleski, Tender Mercies
  • Alexandra Kreiselman, Welcome House of Northern Kentucky & Breast and Cervical Cancer Project
  • Travis Krew, Center for Respite Care
  • Kerry Lyons, UC Family Medicine
  • Corin Marshall, First Step Home
  • Megan Midkiff, Bethany House
  • Daniel Nygren, Project Connect
  • Bridget Rizik, St. Elizabeth Pendleton County
  • Sara Sadat-Hossieny, Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio
  • Andrea Sattler, TriHealth Senior Link
  • Christopher Swaim, Hospice of Cincinnati
  • Richard Yeager, Center for Chemical Addictions Treatment
  • Viona Zhang, Price Hill Free Clinic