Urban Health Project Alumni

2012 Alumni

Urban Health Project 2012 Alumni
Urban Health Project 2012 Alumni
  • Thomas Park, Co-Director
  • Kasey Roberts, Co-Director
  • Wesley Baas, Center for Chemical Addictions Treatment
  • Amy Baumann, Bethany House
  • Monica Benedikt, Off the Streets
  • Erin Capitena, UC Family Medicine
  • Lauren Chiec, Hospice of Cincinnati
  • Douglas Cionni, Lighthouse Youth Development Center
  • William Clark, UC Family Medicine
  • Thomas Damhoff, Crossroad Downtown
  • Jess Dreicer, Breast and Cervical Cancer Project
  • Martha Michelle Estrada, Tender Mercies
  • Albert Feng, TriHealth Senior Link
  • Sarah Friedberg, Bethesda North OB/GYN
  • Matthew Herrmann, Project Connect
  • Heather Hughes, First Step Home
  • Randy Lehman, Welcome House of Northern Kentucky
  • Grace Miller, Parish Nursing
  • Allison Ng, Catholic Charities SouthWestern Ohio
  • Jennifer Ross, CHECK Foster Care Clinic
  • James Stone, Center for Respite Care
  • Joseph Sun, Lighthouse Youth Crisis Center
  • Ruby Xia, Health Resource Center