Former Site: Women's Health Services

Site Description

Women's Health Services is dedicated to providing health care to women without insurance or ability to pay for their own medical care. Their mission is to provide expert and compassionate care in the field of obstetrics and gynecology in a way that respects the diverse beliefs and needs of their patients. Women's Health Services provides annual gynecological exams, pap smears, tissue biopsies, cultures, contraceptive counseling, infertility, family planning, menstrual disturbances, post-menopausal care, hormone replacement therapy, endometriosis, gynecological surgeries and pelvic pain treatment for its patients. Women's Health Services also treats women with both complicated and uncomplicated pregnancies along with postpartum checkups. Working with Community Outreach Women's Health Services will hopefully provide the intern with opportunities that will be valuable while acquiring their education as well as instituting this knowledge into their practice. The intern will be introduced to the importance of utilizing all disciplines to provide good holistic care.

Job Description

  • Understand the social, physiological and nutritional barriers to a complete and healthy medical outcome.
  • Expand their skills in the OB/GYN area.
  • Become aware of the resources available to the community and how to access these programs.
  • Shadow an attending physician at several community health centers throughout the week.
  • Take histories, assist with exams, do follow-up education with each patient and be present during social worker and nutritional visits.
  • Follow up with OB patients during the patients ultrasounds, childbirth classes, deliveries and post partum visit, and be present for vaginal and C-section deliveries.
  • Work alongside your mentor through Labor and Delivery and within the Operating Room.
  • Do Post Partum rounds and attend any in-services that are occurring.
  • Assist staff assistant when necessary in filing ACOG OB charts from the outlying clinics, thereby learning about these forms and the health issues in them.
  • See the vast array of services provided to these women to help their overall conditions,
  • Work variable hours depending on patient flow and clinic hours.
  • Have flex time on Fridays to make up for extra hours worked earlier in the week.

Contact Info

The University Hospital
234 Goodman Street ML 0794
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Phone: 513-584-7037

Site Supervisor: Sally Wessendorf, RNC, RSN

Location of Former Site: Women's Health Services