Former Site: The Center for Respite Care

Site Description

The Cincinnati/Hamilton County Continuum of Care for the Homeless reports that on any given night, more than 1,300 homeless individuals are forced to sleep in shelters and on the streets of Greater Cincinnati. Substandard living conditions, inadequate nutrition, extreme weather and limited healthcare inevitably lead to serious health conditions. The Center for Respite Care attempts to address these issues by providing shelter and care to those who are both ill and homeless. The Center for Respite Care is a 14-bed, 24-hour facility providing medical and nursing care to sick homeless people to promote effective healing. Clients receive quality medical care and assistance in breaking the cycle of homelessness. Since opening in 2003, the Center for Respite Care has cared for over 1000 sick and injured people who are homeless. The collaborative efforts of many health care and homeless service providers allow the Center for Respite Care to be an important link in the transition from homelessness for many people. Illness or injury does not have to disrupt a homeless person's progress toward self-sufficiency. By offering appropriate care and referral of patients to post-recovery treatment and/or housing, the Respite is an important bridge enabling people without homes to begin or continue on the path to independent living in permanent housing.

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3550 Washington Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45229

Phone: 513-621-1868

Site Supervisor: Andrew Meyer

Location of Former Site: The Center for Respite Care