Lighthouse Youth Development Center

Site Description

Lighthouse Youth Services has provided services for abused and neglected children and for families in crisis since 1969. Through foster homes, group homes, residential treatment centers, supervised apartments, and other residential programs, Lighthouse serves hundreds of individuals each day. The organization is made up of a number of programs including the Youth Development Center. Lighthouse Youth Development Center is a therapeutic community-based residential program for teenage boys who suffer from emotional, behavioral, and other mental health issues. Residents are taught skills that will enable them to resolve family and personal problems. A psychiatrist, social workers, and well-trained staff help youth with their challenges. The Youth Development Center also provides outpatient group and individual services led by certified sex offender therapists to Lighthouse Youth Services males 12 to 18 years of age with substantiated sexual offenses.

Job Description

  • Gain exposure to, and appreciate the challenges faced by, adolescent boys who suffer from emotional and behavioral problems.
  • Acquire skills in crisis intervention and positive behavior management.
  • Serve as a Youth Worker, assisting staff with the care, supervision, and control of residents in the program.
  • Monitor resident interactions, model appropriate interactions, and facilitate problem solving with residents.
  • Maintain security of the house, house coverage and order, and safety standards at all times.
  • Supervise recreational activities, assist with meal setup and cleanup, and help with group outings.
  • Supervise the residents, in collaboration with the intern at Lighthouse New Beginnings, at a summer work program (8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) with activities including gardening, trail/park maintenance, and small construction products.

Intern Quote

“My summer experience was a good mentorship opportunity and I was able to connect with a large variety of the clients, but I felt woefully unprepared to deal with the extent of dysfunction and trauma associated with the substance use disorder, sexual assault, violence, and negative coping mechanisms of the population.”

– William Smith

Contact Info

3603 Washington Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45229

Phone: 513-221-1017

Fax: 513-221-3817

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Site Supervisor: Anthony Fraizer

Location of Lighthouse Youth Development Center