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LifeCenter Organ Donor Network is an organ procurement organization that encourages and coordinate the donation of human organs and tissues for transplantation. Their mission is to save, enhance and change lives through organ, cornea, and tissue donation. LifeCenter serves more than 2 million people in and works with 46 facilities to make donation possible throughout Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana.

Job Description

An intern at LifeCenter will:

  • Learn about the process of organ, cornea, and tissue donation
  • Gain insight into the ways in which lives are touched by donation
  • Gain an increased aware of the importance of forming and maintaining community relationships
  • Work on specific summer projects with community outreach department, such as improving retention on donation lists, community education, and organizing health fairs
  • Work Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM

Intern Quote

“Working with LifeCenter has truly been an eye-opening experience. I came in knowing little-to-nothing about organ, eye and tissue donation.Though I am a registered donor, it wasn't until I interned with LifeCenter, that I knew what it really meant to be a donor. This summer, I learned about the rampant misinformation being spread regarding organ donation, and the best ways in which to tackle it. Hearing from donor recipients, donor families, and all those touched by donation, I learned how powerful the gift of donation can be. Because there are so many myths surrounding donation, we tend not to focus on the benefits of being a registered donor, and the power you have to save someone's life. Working with Audrey Holtzman, the Community Outreach Educator at LifeCenter has provided me first-hand experience of what it means to know and live in the community you serve. So many of our outreach initiatives were possible because Mrs. Holtzman was so well-connected to the community. This is a quality that is so important to the work we do as healthcare providers, and helps build trust and bridge gaps between healthcare workers and community members. My experience with LifeCenter has shaped how I view my role in society and I am grateful I had the opportunity to spend my summer serving the community through Urban Health Project.”

– Veronica Takougang

Contact Info

2825 Burnet Avenue
Suite 232-234
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Phone: 513-961-0600

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