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When working as an intern with Groundwork one can expect to be outside for the majority of their summer! Groundwork is a nonprofit organization that aims to teach underserved youth the importance of environmental stewardship whilst simultaneously conducting real “in the field” work through the Cincinnati parks system: clearing invasive, trail building, seed collection, sapling planting, and so much more! Once a week the kids are taken on a field trip for an enrichment day experience that aims to expose the kids to unique experiences within their community that they may not otherwise have access to.

Job Description

Responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring the safety of the kids and fellow youth leaders
  • Conducting presummer training

Intern Quote

“I enjoyed my summer experience working with groundwork immensely! I found the work extremely rewarding and I loved being able to me active, work alongside and mentor kids, whilst also working to make the world a better place. My summer experience started out with me hitting the ground running, which was fun to just be able to learn on the fly with the stakes being rather low in comparison to medicine, but after the first week or so it was really nice being more comfortable working with the kids and tending to the environmental needs of Cincinnati! After the "orientation" phase it even got better because we began putting in place the enhancement days were the kids got to go out into the community and do something truly impactful to them; it was super rewarding watching the kids light up every time we would go to some interesting location and they got to experience something like being on a boat for the first time, I really just loved every second of it!”

– John Kennedy

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3696 Kendall Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45208

Phone: 513-301-0310

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