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Site Description

Cincinnati Health Network is a non-profit, federally qualified health center that focuses care on serving those experiencing homelessness and individuals who are HIV positive. It is grand-funded and is committed to serving the underserved throughout the greater Cincinnati area. It features a collaborative health facility that offers medical, behavioral, and dental care all in the same location at the McMicken clinic. The site is also heavily involved in the COVID-19 testing and vaccination effort.

Job Description

Responsibilities include:

  • Familiarize oneself with Athena EMR and become comfortable accessing patient data, creating appointments, and cancelling appointments.
  • Be available for any clinic need when they may be short staffed or require extra hands to help with administration or site operation improvement (i.e. wear many hats and be able to fill different roles when needed).
  • Independently investigate needs of the clinic and its patient population to better address possible gaps in resources or improve existing resources and services.
  • Aid in taking patient vitals if assistance is requested by the MA's.
  • Engage with patients and listen to any concerns they may have regarding navigating their care at the clinic.
  • Be available to assist in consenting patients for care and use translator services if required.

Intern Quote

“I was primarily involved in engaging with clinic staff, patients, and patient records in an attempt to provide the clinic with information about how to best address the most common health concerns of the patient population while also addressing the need for vaccinating the patients against COVID-19. I was fortunate to be placed in a clinic that had a high workflow that was managed well by a helpful and resourceful staff. I learned about the intricacies of Medicaid and how to ensure patients receive coverage so they may be treated no matter their circumstance. I was able to familiarize myself with patient health data and how to properly provide it in a confidential manner to help the clinic best address its most common health concerns. Additionally, I had the opportunity to participate in medical outreach alongside PATH to patients experiencing homelessness where I spoke with patients about their health concerns and provided them with COVID vaccines. In addition to learning more about how the clinic operates, I played an active role in assisting in various administrative capacities when there were short-staffed needs. Being able to wear many hats this summer allowed me the flexibility to assist the clinic in any way that was needed, while also learning more about how FQHC's operate to best serve underserved patients.”

– Max Aveis

Contact Info

2825 Burnet Avenue
Suite 232-234
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Phone: 513-961-0600

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