Former Site: Center for Addiction Treatment

Site Description

The Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT) has been serving the Cincinnati community for over 40 years by providing professional help for adults with addictions. The program serves approximately 1,000 individuals every year, a majority of who have opiate addictions. Their community-based detoxification program is a medically monitored program with both nurses and physicians involved in the process of helping clients overcome withdrawal from their addictions. In addition to offering this residential detoxification program, CAT also provides many other services to its clients to help them on the road to recovery. For those waiting to get into the residential detoxification track, CAT offers a pre-treatment program involving support and counseling. CAT also provides short-term residential treatment, family programming to rebuild connections, and aftercare to provide support for those in recovery. Although over half of the clients at CAT are aged 18 to 45, they offer a unique program that provides education targeted towards individuals who are above the age of 50 and seeking help to recover from their addictions. Additionally, CAT has an on-site primary care office, Monarch Primary Care. Anyone can be seen there, but the office specializes in primary care for patients with a history of addiction, and their care takes into account the unique needs of such patients. The Urban Health Project intern at this site is given the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the recovery process to gain a better understanding of addictions and the difficulties involved in overcoming them.

Job Description

  • Attend small group meetings with patients
  • Perform Quality Improvement research, such as analyzing data to identify trends in the patient population
  • Work with doctors to observe the physician's role in treating addiction
  • Work on projects to aid in CAT's expansion of services

Contact Info

830 Ezzard Charles Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45214

Phone: 513-381-6672

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Site Supervisor: Laura Schatzman APRN, FNP-C, BSN

Location of Former Site: Center for Addiction Treatment