Center for Closing the Health Gap

Site Description

Center for Closing the Health Gap is a grassroots model to engage, empower, and advocate for the healthier lives of African Americans, Latinos, and white Appalachians through community based participatory research. They collaborate with health care organizations to implement programs that reach these community members. Their "Do Right" campaign is the main focus of their organization, within which they recruit community residents to teach other residents about healthy behaviors, navigating the healthcare system, health literacy, and physical activity. These community residents are enrolled in 8-10 week weekly classes during with other community teach them the above mentioned topics. Within their Do Right campaign, they work "block by block" to call or knock on doors of community members. They are currently working in the East Walnut hills neighborhood. Intern will be assigned a few projects that allows them to better understand what the Center for Closing the Health Gap does. This site offers an immersive experience in Cincinnati public health research.

Job Description

The intern will...

  • Participate in Cincinnati public Health research
  • Make calls to community members to participate in Do Right campaign
  • Participate and help with community events

Intern Experience Summary

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3120 Burnet Ave, 201
Cincinnati, OH 45229

Phone: 513-585-9872

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