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The Center for Closing the Health Gap in Greater Cincinnati, known as The Health Gap, is committed to narrowing inequities in health outcomes through community-based research and interventions. The Health Gap works directly with African American communities in Cincinnati and Hamilton county, empowering residents to take charge of their health. The “Do Right” campaign is a key focus of the organization. Through Do Right, they train peer educators, high schoolers, and elementary-age children in the principles of good nutrition and healthy lifestyles. The Health Gap also supports community members through an array of other programs and events including an annual health fair, group workout classes, caregiver support meetings, and more. By partnering closely with under-resourced communities, The Health Gap can design interventions that leverage the skills and expertise already present in these neighborhoods. They offer a flexible internship experience with opportunities to engage in research and direct service. The intern will be assigned a few projects that allow them to better understand The Health Gap's programs and partnerships.

Job Description

  • Participate in Cincinnati public Health research
  • Make calls to community members to participate in Do Right campaign
  • Participate and help with community events

Intern Quote

“I have a hybrid schedule, so on days I go into the office, we often have a staff meeting first thing. At those, I hear what everyone else is working on, learn about events that still need volunteers, and share progress on my project.

Then I spend some time researching preventative health topics and writing short guides on each.

I take a lunch break out in the sun, then head back for my weekly check-in with my supervisor. I show her where I am on the project and decide on the details of the focus groups we're hosting.

Then I meet with another intern to discuss recruiting community members for those focus groups. When I'm ready, I just walk home.”

– Taylor Fenderbosch

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3120 Burnet Ave, 201
Cincinnati, OH 45229

Phone: 513-585-9872

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