Former Site: The Ob/Gyn Center at Bethesda North Hospital

Site Description

The Ob/Gyn Center at Bethesda North Hospital provides prenatal and gynecological care to women from a variety of backgrounds, including a large immigrant population and individuals who are uninsured or self-insured. Approximately 50% of patients are covered through Medicaid. It provides a range of traditional women's services such as maternity and breast care as well as access to initiatives that enhance the wellness of women and their families, such as fitness programs and TriHealth's Integrative Health and Medicine services. Depending on their ability to pay, care can be offered to patients at an 80% discount and a comprehensive pregnancy care package is available for $3,000. The Ob/Gyn Center is also committed to helping women improve their health through dozens of programs and classes that include maternity education, yoga, aerobics, healthy cooking classes, and more. On site, the clinic also has a financial counselor and a care coordinator to assist with referrals and any additional help needed. As a teaching clinic, the Ob/Gyn Center has a number of residents and medical students.

Job Description

  • Be exposed to underserved women from a variety of cultural and financial backgrounds.
  • Gain an understanding of the difficulties that underinsured/uninsured individuals face in terms of access to health care.
  • Discuss disease prevention with patients.
  • Help with the provision of care for underserved pregnant women and try to optimize pregnancy outcomes.
  • Shadow different resident physicians in the clinic five days a week.
  • Assist the residents in taking patient histories and doing physical exams.
  • Participate in meetings with financial counselors and care coordinators.
  • Explore the resources available to underinsured/uninsured individuals in regards to drug prescription costs, homeless shelters, and other clinics and be able to explain them to patients.
  • Note: The clinic is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Contact Info

10498 Montgomery Road
Suite 4G
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Phone: 513-865-1631

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Site Supervisor: James Sosnowski, MD, Residency Program Director

Location of Former Site: The Ob/Gyn Center at Bethesda North Hospital